Education & Training

SRG follows established instructional design principles and practices while at the same time leveraging the latest technological advancements to ensure the highest level of instructional products and services possible. Part of our processes includes the application of the human performance discipline. Our expertise and experience include:


• Various methods of analysis to include gap, need, and context
• Mission, performance, root cause analyses; analytical models such as Fishbone diagram, Pareto chart
• Manpower, Personnel, and Training Plan (MPTP), and Manpower Estimate Report (MER) analyses
• Valid and reliable instrument development for support in data gathering
• Group distribution of instruments through web and mobile applications
• Focus groups as well as formal and informal interviews
• Data gathering through observation


• Interactive multimedia training for computer, web, and mobile delivery
• Stand-up instruction with interactive applications from hands-on activities to break-out sessions
• Job aids, integration of performance support tools


• Large-scale training effectiveness evaluations based on Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation: • Level 1 (reactions) • Level 2 (learning) • Level 3 (behavior) • Level 4 (results)
• Formative and summative evaluation

Quality Assurance & Editorial Support

• Project-specific style guide development and maintenance for implementation of standards
• Quality assurance reviews to ensure consistency and accuracy of training materials
• Substantive editing of textual and visual instructional components of multimedia training products
• Strategic planning, cost estimation, writing, and review support in proposal development